Dilemmas of the serious kind

I have been fighting with myself wondering whether I should buy a pair of shoes. I knew a shoe as a formal or a sports shoe back home in India. We would call them sneakers as well. Its not all that simple here in UK. The distinction from formal shoes aside, there are ones for walking, ones for running and playing. Some call them trainers. I am a little lost with all these variants, all these genres of casual footwear. Ah! the pain of sophistry.

So I have a decision problem here. A decent pair costs nothing less than 50 GBP. A fortune considering my measly existence here. I am not even sure I will use it well enough – what if I never end up using it? Not the first time…most of my shoes in the past, formal as well as otherwise, have rotten away, not from misuse, but no-use. This time, I better run if I buy them – and you know what, thats probably why I am chickening out from buying one.


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