Triple A

I need to start blogging about my Bollywood obsession – everyone who knows me knows how bollywood-crazy I am. So, I am gonna start mentioning classic scenes from various movies I have enjoyed over the years – and this is of course going to take a lot of posts…will start with two of them today.

But first, I strongly recommend for all of you film buffs.

1. The title credits of Amar Akbar Anthony – after 25 minutes and 24 seconds of a opening sequence (shaming even 007), we realise what the point of all that was. Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Bachchan as Amar Akbar and Anthony, who dont know each other (and of course are long lost siblings) happen to come together to donate blood to their mother, obviously, Mother India Nirupa Roy (of course without knowing she is their biological mother). No chance of letting a suspense build up there and Mahendra Kapoor lends a ever helping hand (or voice), singing a heartfelt “sirf naata nahi, yeh kuch aur bhi hai, maa se bichad ke bhi, yeh toot jaata hai. yeh sach hai koi kahaani nahi (2), khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin

Oh My God! Ultimate Bollywood kitsch. The kind that makes your skin tingle…and many many Bachchan scenes to follow…hilarious!

2. Many many scenes in Andaz Apna Apna – Aamir and Salman (long before they became 6/8-pack hunks) making a complete fool of themselves. Its impossible to imagine anyone doing a better number on them at the moment, especially since movies and roles are taken far too seriously these days and stars are STARS! Its impossible to recommend any one scene, but watch out for the bits where Aamir and Salman have goggles on in the villain’s hideout and are looking to rescue their prospective pa-in-law, accompanied with suspense-ridden background music. We also seem their shadows in the wall bushing down the villain’s sidekicks…and see Salman doing his ‘yeh raat aur yeh doori’ number, with simple silly steps, in his pyjamas! This one was directed by none other than Rajkumar Santoshi, who is known for his Sunny Deol dramas and more recently, Halla Bol. More on Deol, later!

And a superb support cast – Gogo Shakti Kapoor, Mogambo ka bhateeja; sidekicks Rabbert and Bhalla; and a superb Paresh Rawal and Paresh Rawwwal (as per the credits) showing us his comic timing, much before Babu Bhai (Hera Pheri) happened!


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