Jo Jeeta…

Another Aamir masterpiece. Actually, there were stellar roles by many others as well that made the movie such a breeze. The last 23 minutes of the film, ie from the moment Aamir decides to participate in the cycling race, is probably one of the most riveting climax sequences ever! Starting with a simply shot work-out routine, the excitement rises with every moment, climaxing right at the finishing tape.

Mamik, playing Aamir’s elder brother, the cute Ayesha, the confused Shekhar (Dipak Tijori) are great supporting acts. Another great act is the commentator for both the cycling races! Hear him raise the tempo. Infectiously enthusiastic.

“Veer bahadur lade kaun…” became one of the most popular slogans ever, one we used everywhere, whether at basketball matches, or at college elections!

Although the movie was also famous for Pooja Bedi’s Monroe number, that is being uncharitable to the movie itself…it had many brilliant moments. Watch out for Aamir when he argues with Mamik for putting his answer sheets back, the ones he had stolen from school the previous night…


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