Decongesting Accra – knock off the extra wheels

Can anyone tell me why there aren’t more two-wheelers on the roads in Accra? The weather isnt so bad as to be prohibitive. The roads are narrow, two-wheelers actually would be faster and more fuel efficient. Is it status? Does everyone just aspire to have a car? I know they are considered unsafe on the road? But danger from rash driving is a vicious cycle – lesser the number of bikes and motor-bikes/scooters, the more rash the big boys (cars and SUVs) will become, until they simply dont know how to deal with two-wheelers on the road by their side.

That brings me to the four-wheelers – most private cars are SUVs or similar heavy/big cars (often with one, sometimes two people in them) – it makes sense for those who travel outside the city since the roads may not be conducive to small cars…but surely not everyone is making cross-country trips all the time. I dont think Accra can cope with all these big cars.

If more two-wheelers are encouraged (and they come with a large number of pricing options), methinks traffic jams wouldnt be a constant in our lives in Accra.


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