Seeking some answers, yet again…

Aamir Khan continues to dazzle – as a school teacher in Taare Zameen Par and now as a techie in 3 Idiots. The actor, who debuted over two decades ago singing at his graduation party and repeated the act in 2001, takes another step backwards and in 2010, walks on to the screens as a nerdy fresher.

Anyways – this is not a review. That is best left to Raja Sen, the much-loved movie critic at Rediff. I will just dwell a little on one of the main points the movie was trying to make: on pressure – and highlighting heroes who challenge the norm.

‘3 Idiots’ transported me back to campus life. Six memorable years – 3 in Delhi; 2 in Anand and 1 in Brighton. The first three were not meant to be pressure-some (barring the three weeks of exams and the CAT(ty) season); the next two were meant to be just that (“this is a college, not a pressure cooker” – haha! you wish, my friend) and I have always spoken/written about how the pressure brought out the best and the worst in people around me. For many of us, batchmates/colleagues were primarily competitors. Stuff that movies like this one are based on. The last year in Brighton was indecisive – it screwed some and spared some…

Personally, I enjoyed the pressure and don’t remember an instance when the heat got to me. Of course ragging is a different matter – most of us cried our guts out, but then, also found great friends from amongst our tormentors. Beyond that, insofaras academic/career pressures were concerned, it was mostly smooth sailing. There was always romance in the air 🙂

But I also wonder – should I take pride in my ability to adapt and ignore my inability to challenge the norms? Surely, it wasn’t good enough just to have done well and sailed through. Did I think about ‘change’? Sure – a couple of instances stand out. I have consistently had an uncomfortable relationship with the top management of institutions I studied in – primarily because I did not conform and bothered to ask the ‘wrong’ questions. But did I do enough? I was not alone, there were many others like me – did we do enough? I do not have a good answer to this. It is important for me, though, that I some day, have an adequate explanation. This question actually links up with everything that I have been part of in the past and anything I might do in future. Will there ever be a defining moment that reveals a goal my heart and soul will passionately pursue? From what I currently know of myself, that goal cannot be something that could belong to me – it is more likely to be something to which I might one day belong.

PS – after this post, happened to watch Rocket Singh over the weekend – completely delightful, yet another one about a character that decides not to give in. Great acting, Inspiring, slightly slow/dull in parts – but every bit a gem that I love Bollywood for.


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