Supporting livelihoods of migrant labour

Duncan Green’s post proposes an Ethical Construction Initiative to regulate/coordinate/improve transnational migration by construction workers. In the current state of the construction sector, such an initiative seems highly appropriate. This could be an important step in providing some form of social security to scores of unorganised construction workers. 

Of course, organising migrant workers within the same country is difficult enough. Ajeevika Bureau, working in Gujarat and Rajasthan in India, have been working to improve skills and working conditions of rural seasonal migrant labour. The website says

Aajeevika Bureau works both in the “source” as well as the “destinations” of rural migrants within western India.  The Bureau addresses issues that collectively influence the contributions of rural migration to the national economy, the livelihoods of the migrants and their families, and the very survival of their home communities. It provides a range of services to help migrants improve their outcomes from the labour markets and acts as an agent of policy change and advocacy in favour of migrant workers.

Five critical services provided include – Registration, Legal aid, Training and Placement, Collectivising labour and Financial Services. The group is also building up an interesting research portfolio.


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