CanNOT trust them.

On a visit to a village near Balunga in the Upper East region of Ghana, we walked into a compound house. This was the chief’s little clan – over 30 households living in there.It literally was a maze and we had a friendly guide, showing us around his locality, maneuvering through narrow alleys and roof-tops.

One of their customs is that their common God changes hands, moving from one custodian’s porch to another. This transfer usually happens at the death of the current custodian. We were told a transfer is currently taking place, and the new custodian was making the arrangements, after which, the God would be physically transfered to his compound.

A little digression about the God – is a little mound, plastered nicely with mud; and they refused to tell us what was in it…meaning, we did not know what the God really was.

Back to the God’s custodian. So we asked (probably naively) why the deceased custodian’s wife couldn’t continue to take care of the God; and in general, whether women can become custodians of their God. Our guide literally stopped in his tracks; and looked at us like we were stupid and explained: They often come from different communities. What if they decide to leave our village and go away? We cannot trust them with our God…

Wonder what their God would say to that!


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