Satan is the best person to govern Ghana

says this column in the GhanaWeb

Some will say as bad as Atta Mills is, Satan will be worse. My question is, does Atta Mills have the dedication of Satan? The answer is, there is no dedication from this dirty government which in its short time in power has managed to turn the clock back on civil rights, development prospects, and the future prospects of Ghana. Satan may be evil but, he is a dedicated and disciplined entity. He pursues the vulnerable with unflinching dedication and, does everything within his power to get them on his side. Is Atta Mills that dedicated? If so, why has he abandoned some of the projects of the NPP and replaced them with nothing?

The quality of journalism in Ghana is, to put it mildly, disappointing. This is unfortunate and surprising, considering the quality of human resources I see around me. Newspapers are openly (and highly) partisan, often churning out (hilarious) propagandist material.


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