MBA as an insurance policy

Sidin Vadukut, an IIM-A graduate and now an author, confirms a popular stereotype in this (video) and this.

In the video, at the very end, he talks about how the Chief Guest the convocation, Raghuram Rajan spoke of the IIM A degree being a life insurance policy – one that guarantees that the IIM A graduate should not be risk-averse for even if everything goes wrong, he/she can fallback on the degree. Sidin says he took that advice to heart and that’s probably the reason he could chuck the comforts of a salaried consulting job to take a stab at writing for a living.

An MBA from many a top b-school could act as a similar guarantee. Not too many of us use it to really explore our creativity. There are a couple I know personally, and admire – one, a wanderer and the other, a musician. Of course, an MBA is not the only guarantee, but its an easy one…


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