The rich and famous

Gods are human, after all… is what I gathered via Marginal Revolution today. Surely, there must be winners and losers among the 33 (or is it 330) million Hindu deities – some rich and famous – some others, not so much… 

I will stick to the rich ones for now…If they can have Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) in their name, why should they be barred from playing with stocks, shares and mutual funds using a demat account?? Of course, its a different matter whether these deities (with or without PAN) rest in peace, given the manner in which financial transactions are carried on by the charitable Trusts that claim to promote their glory? 

This is what a (possibly wholly inaccurate) Wikipedia entry claims about the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams (TTD), one of the richest temple trusts in the world. 

  • Donations given by devotees equal $2 mn every month
  • Auctions of human hair fetched $25 mn in 2007 
  • Temple admission ticket sales fetched $25 mn in 2007
  • Laddus sold for $10 mn in 2007
  • TTD approved a budget of $500 mn for 2008
The rich and famous in my country…

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