Priceless Sachin

This is not yet another eulogy to Sachin Tendulkar – this is a man who probably is fully aware that nothing he ever achieves will ever be enough to satiate expectations of his fans; yet he has never stopped raising the bar for himself through-out his cricket playing career. 

Along the way, Sachin has also established a reputation for being stable and humble in the face of such overwhelming adulation (and the occasional vicious criticism). Which is why I was slightly bothered to read about a new book on Sachin, which claimed to feature a page made from paper pulp that includes the master batsman’s blood” a marketing gimmick/stunt that seemed so unlike Sachin. See here and here

Which is why, today, I was more than happy to read this clarification on Cricinfo, where Sachin himself explains

“There is no truth in my blood being part of the book. The book is basically a photographic publication that celebrates my life and is not an autobiography or a biography,”

What a relief! 

PS – As for the price-tag of $75,000, that’s no big deal. We are a rich country!


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