Sitting allowances

From my limited experience with trainings and meetings in Ghana, I am aware how important “Sitting Allowances” are for the success of an event. No surprises then in this – 

More than GH¢500,000 was said to have been spent by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) on sitting allowances, transportation and refreshment at general assembly and committee meetings for last year. The amount is more than what the assembly realised as revenue from its market tolls for the year, which amounted to GH¢436,809


There are 90 assembly members at the AMA, 60 elected and 30 government appointees. Each one receives GH¢70 at each subcommittee and ad hoc committee meeting while at the general assembly meetings, they receive GH¢80, GH¢55.00 as sitting allowance and GH¢25 as transportation. Currently, the assembly has 13 subcommittees.

Ghana should probably consider revising civil servants’ salaries. But will that help with this culture of sitting allowances?


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