The English English is changing ‘right now’: Yay!

Some light-hearted (I hope) frustration here 

  1. Right now the most irritating expression doing the rounds is … right now. It’s everywhere – TV, radio and in the public prints – giving apparent urgency to what are usually vague general statements about tendencies in contemporary society. 
  2. Or take the expression “Can I get an espresso and a bagel”. This use of the word “get” crossed the Atlantic and replaced the perfectly acceptable and polite: “I wonder if I might have a buttered scone and a pot of Earl Grey”
  3. You know the one: “We will be able to leverage synergies from this, going forward.” It is a wholly redundant way of saying “in the future” – redundant because it is always in a sentence implying or formed in the future tense. Yet the people who say it just can’t help saying it. It is their badge of acceptance within a particular narrow community. It shows they are corporate, entrepreneurial, in with the particular in-crowd that’s particularly in right now (oops) – the business/marketing community.

I plead guilty on all three counts 


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