One man’s terrorist is another man’s…

Via Chris Blattman and Eric Green, here is Osama:

“What governments spend on relief work is secondary to what it spends on its armies,” bin Laden says on the 11-minute tape called, Reflections on the Method of Relief Work…

“Merchants are the knights who will save this region from famine and must avoid investing in worthless projects,” 

This one is for the IPCC website

“The number of victims caused by climate change is very big” — “bigger than the victims of wars,”

Also from NYT – 

He recalled his own experience with farming in Sudan, called for creating a “unique relief agency,” and described watching a father in Pakistan holding his two young children above chest-high flood water, according to a translation by the private SITE Intelligence Group in Washington.

In Saturday’s release, Mr. bin Laden, who trained as an engineer, mused about the cost and materials for embankments to control flooding and chastised wealthy Muslim countries for not doing more to help Pakistanis.

Osama’s focus is limited to the “Islamic world” – understandable, I guess, given his day job…


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