World Press Freedom Index 2010

M.F. Hussain might just have made the right choice, if one were to believe the latest rankings. Qatar ranks 121, to India’s 122nd place. Northern European countries dominate and Ghana ranks 26th. The rankings are here and here

Sure, the ranking has the usual problems that arise when attempting to conjure a single number to represent an entire country.

The survey found that only 16 percent of the world’s inhabitants live in countries with a Free press, while 44 percent have a Partly Free press and 40 percent live in Not Free environments. The population figures are significantly affected by two countries—China, with a Not Free status, and India, with a Partly Free status—that together account for more than two billion of the world’s roughly six billion people. The percentage of those enjoying Free media in 2009 declined to the lowest level since 1996, when Freedom House began incorporating population data into the findings of the survey.

Also, interestingly (but not surprising), best friends USA and Israel are each ranked twice for press freedom – once domestically (20 & 86 respectively) and another, extra-territorially (99 & 132).


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