Know your legislators

PRS Legislative Research recently completed five years. I think its a great source of information about Indian politics and our parliamentarians and a change from the usual media publicity that politicians get. For instance, check out The Seeds Bill that is up for consideration in the current session of Parliament.

From a recent PRS blog

Most of us don’t know that more than 80 percent of our MPs have college degrees.  Most of us don’t know that the average attendance rate in Parliament is close to 80 percent in the past year.  Most of us don’t know that Parliament has worked for more than 90 percent of the scheduled time in recent sessions, despite the undesirable disruptions in Parliament. There is a lot that is wrong with our politics, but we hope that some of these facts throw light about some lesser known aspects about our MPs.  

For many of us, politicians are the ultimate villains. Would it not be a lot easier to have an opinion about them if we knew better what they actually did? You can also check out the Lok Sabha website – messy, but informative…Also, if you are interested in learning more about elections and candidates, check out the National Election Watch.


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