Akula’s story

…I bought a one-way plane ticket to Hyderabad and packed a single gym bag with clothes. I wanted to travel like Mahatma Gandhi—no unnecessary attachments, no excess of material goods. I had read about Gandhi’s experiences in South Africa as a young man, when he was first developing his ideas, and I wanted to experience that same kind of awakening

from Vikram Akula’s autobiography. Fair show, from the man who recently said in an interview – 

“I’ve made a tonne of money,more than I ever thought I would make in my lifetime and my kid’s lifetime combined.”

“I own 3.4 per cent of the company as stock options, the company has a $2 billion market cap…so on paper I am worth about $8 million.”

“You want the pre-tax or the post-tax number? I’m comfortable saying it. I made a gross sale of about $12 million, so that’s $8.5 million post tax.” 

Finally, for some Bollywoodish gossip, see here 


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