Against importing used underwear

Excerpts from a GNA report 

The Ghana Standards Board (GSB) would strictly enforce the ban on the importation, distribution and sale of used undergarments from February next year, Mr. Kofi Nagetey, Director of the Inspectorate Division of the Board, said on Monday.

…He said all consignments of used undergarments would be inspected by the GSB before release at the various ports and entry points.

“Any consignment of used goods found to contain any used undergarments would be confiscated and destroyed”, Mr. Nagetey said.

He said presently, the Board had mounted public education on the dangers of wearing used undergarments for importers and dealers particularly at Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Mr. Nagetey said the board had intensified market surveillance and is also engaging with stakeholders especially the Association of Importers and dealers in used clothing to work together to bring to the barest minimum the importation and clearance of undergarments because of the health risks involved.

He said Legislative Instrument (LI) 1586 which was passed in 1994 bans the importation, clearance and sale of used undergarments.

…He said these prohibited goods are hidden among other used clothing like shirts, trousers and jackets in bales to make it difficult to detect them at the ports

h/t – Ryan 

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