The future of our parliamentary system

Manmohan Singh worries about our parliamentary system 

Asked what the government strategy would be if the Opposition protests spill into the Budget session in February next year, the Prime Minister expressed his apprehension: “I am worried about the future of the parliamentary system…I do hope reason will prevail [and the Opposition will not do that].”

Very statesman like, Mr Prime Minister. But how will you convince us that you are the one to talk about parliamentary ethics when you yourself have decided not to contest an election not once, but twice. Not surprising in the least therefore, to read this – 

He was also asked why he chose to make this visit…when Parliament was in session. His response was that first, “India would not be taken seriously if we fail to keep our commitments” on dates fixed for important bilateral and multilateral meetings, and two, anyway, not much was happening. “What is happening there [in Parliament] anyway?”

Its not your job to fix the logjam. Noted.


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