Rahul baba defines ‘aam aadmi’

“The aam aadmi in India is that person who does not have a connection to the system. Whether he is poor or rich, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, educated or uneducated, if he is not connected to the system, he is an aam aadmi.”

The examples Mr. Gandhi cited ranged from a tribal boy in Niyamgiri who is thrown off his land without justice, to the young professional in Bangalore who can’t get her child into a good school, to the university topper in Shillong who cannot get a job because he doesn’t know the right people, to the poor carpenter from Basti living in the slums of Mumbai who did not get an education for lack of opportunity 

See here. There was also a whole lot of fluff about the corrupt ‘system’ and how it is squeezing the aam aadmi. Our future Prime Minister also had this gem

India will not be a nation until the aam aadmi‘s “progress is based not on who he knows but on what he knows,”

Really!?!? Only an absolute sense of entitlement and near-complete lack of self-consciousness can come up with lines such as the above. Here is a man who in every way reaffirms the status quo, spouting wisdom about progressive change. If only he would walk the talk…but then, who is keeping track? The non-aam aadmi are beyond caring. The aam aadmi on the other hand, are too busy figuring out how to make their lives work, using both ‘what’ and ‘who’ they know


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