Order amidst chaos

Schumpeter has fallen in love with the Tata group…

But in the emerging world—and particularly the emerging India where Tata Steel and the Taj Palace were created a century ago—the first job of a company is to create order amid chaos. In their different ways, the steelworks and the luxury hotel are fortresses against the surrounding madness.

…contrasting the order of its steel mills and hotels to the chaos that is on the streets of India. In recent blog entries, the author laments the chaos in Kolkata and admits to being taken in by the Jamshedpur township. And yet, Schumpeter is impressed with Indian managers (as opposed to boring western executives), ostensibly running these steel mills and luxury hotels, because 

They speak proper English (although “synergy” and “core competences” make the occasional appearance). They litter their conversations with references to mythology, Indian political heroes, stories from the Raj, the Cambridge wrangler system and much else beside. Far from singing from the corporate hymn-sheet, they seem to be genuinely grappling with my questions, particularly those about the proper boundaries of the firm. 

Products of the omnipresent chaos in India? I would think so…


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