Buffett for sale

Not beyond the much feted investor to put himself on sale…well, his time and wisdom, at least. All it costs is the price of a new motor insurance policy

Berkshire Hathaway is now in India, and Warren Buffett will welcome all policyholders* of BerkshireInsurance.com at an event specially hosted for them.

Just a clever investor, this one – not sure what all the nonsensical fanfare is about. Oh yes, he is there is encourage Indian philanthropists to ‘give’; and also to sell some motor insurance while he still can…nice!

A quick sound-byte from someone on the ground

“He’s doing a wrong thing,” said S.K. Sethi, an insurance broker in New Delhi. Next thing you know, Mr. Sethi says companies could try selling insurance by saying “you’ll have an opportunity to see the dance of Katrina Kaif.”


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