Championing democracy…

…is an old American hobby. Only sometimes, their hands are tied

…(GCC) reportedly strong-armed the White House by playing on fears that Iran might benefit if Bahrain embraced democracy and that, as a result, the entire region might become destabilised in ways inimical to US power-projection policies.

“Starting with Bahrain, the administration has moved a few notches toward emphasising stability over majority rule,” according to a US official quoted by the Journal. “Everybody realised that Bahrain was just too important to fail.”

and so, they hand out dough nuts instead

…Last week, peaceful protesters aligned against Bahrain’s monarchy gathered outside the US embassy in Manama carrying signs reading “Stop Supporting Dictators”, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, and “The People Want Democracy”. Many of them were women. Ludovic Hood, a US embassy official, reportedly brought a box of doughnuts out to the protesters…

…The United States is, however, already deeply involved. To one side it’s given a box of doughnuts; to the other, helicopter gunships, armoured personnel carriers, and millions of bullets  equipment that played a significant role in the recent violent crackdowns…


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