Restoring Yunus’ dignity

Protesting US pressure on Bangladesh over Yunus, this article says 

The pressure by the United States to “reinstate” the “respect” of Professor Yunus in his own motherland is simply counterproductive and humiliating for him as well. In fact, the US action has put Professor Yunus on a murky ground. Firstly, if the government agrees to the US demand and reinstates him in one way or the other, will it “satisfy” him to witness a breach of diplomatic niceties? Secondly, if the US intimidation brings him back the “respect,” as they see it; would it not simply add credence to the criticisms of his detractors who portray him as a blue-eyed boy of Washington? Will these situations make Professor Yunus “satisfied”?

I agree. Whether Yunus is allowed to continue at the helm of Grameen or not is Bangladesh’s domestic concern. While the microfinance community in particular and civil society in general have a right to voice their concerns and protest the alleged injustice, there is no case for undue diplomatic pressure by a superpower on a very poor country. 


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