Oh my god!

Today, I prayed aloud, for the first time ever. It was at the end of a public workshop on the education sector in Ghana. I was asked to lead the closing prayer. Those who know me probably have an idea how traumatic it must have been for me. And those who are familiar with this norm of opening and closing meetings with prayers must know its significance in meetings, workshops and trainings. Once called upon, you cannot wiggle out! 

Those two minutes were my most nervous minutes of the day and afterwards, a colleague told me how there was a lot of ‘hope’ in my prayer. I am glad it was over – my fumbles included. A first, this one. It wasn’t all that bad – but it left me pretty nervous and stuttering for a few minutes after.

I remember I prayed for optimism, strength, faith and inspiration – all of which now sounds like synonyms to me – for all the participants as they go forth in their efforts to improve the education sector in Ghana. The lesson probably is that I should have a script for the future. You never know when you may be called upon to pray! And there is so much I could have said…a missed opportunity, now that I think of it.

I guess I should start believing in God – for (s)he made me pray. Or maybe, it was just Maame.


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