Images: India – Africa collaboration

AFTER 2008: Can India deliver what it has promised and, further, can it promise to do more? A file photograph of the India-Africa Forum Summit, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe (left) and the former President of the African Union, Alpha Oumar Konare.

via The Hindu – a logo I liked

No doubt, this is good business, but the politics will continue to be tricky. From the article – 

…While Africa’s rise is no longer in doubt now, its nature and pace are being hotly debated among experts. Recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, the Ivory Coast and the Horn of Africa have sent out mixed signals at best. India follows an apolitical approach focused on building cooperation at bilateral, regional and continental levels. But, the political context can hardly be ignored. We should, of course, continue maintaining a low profile on internal developments in Africa and on intra-African conflicts, but we should not shy away from monitoring and appraising them on a sustained basis…

The author cannot help but mention China in this context – and this is one comparison we need to shrug off. The more India tries to prove it is different from China, the lesser room it will have to chart its own course. Ironically, our manpower seems to be a prominent constraint. For more, read this Tharoor interview 


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