Politics in Tamil Nadu

J.Jayalalitha recently won the state elections in Tamil Nadu. In an interview today – 

Q: You were not wearing any jewellery for a long time. Any reason why you have started wearing ear-studs now?

A: As soon as the results were declared on May 13, a large number of party workers gathered at my house to celebrate our victory. Some of them said that if even after this resounding victory I refused to wear any ornaments, they would pour kerosene on themselves and commit self-immolation. My party cadre tend to carry out such threats. Many have attempted self-immolation for various reasons in the past and we have been unable to save their lives. So, I was taken aback by their threat. As I didn’t want any untoward incident at a time when there was every reason to celebrate, I changed my mind and started wearing ear studs. If I had to wear some jewellery to save the lives of my party cadre, I was ready to change my mind and I began to wear ear studs from 14th. Already, some have cut off their own tongue and finger in the name of making an offering…”

I want to cry. 


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