The real Tarhir Square

Read Mariz Tadros’ account of the protests against the army’s brutal treatment of women in recent days. Excerpts:

While women took part fully in the uprisings that led to the ousting of Mubarak, this demonstration was different: they were more than participants, they were the leaders. They spoke, and everyone listened. They shouted and everyone- men and women responded back . And it was not just the urban women who were leading, it was the village women in their black gallabiyyas who were raising their voices and everyone answering back even louder. As people marched around and around in Tahrir Square carrying banners against the military, carrying a large picture of the woman who was stripped and dragged from her hair across the square by a soldier, while another soldier was shown about to stomp her bare stomach with his shoe-the determination not to let this rest was strong.

Anyone who equates Jantar Mantar with Tahrir Square has absolutely no idea what they are talking about…


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