Decentralisation, Mining and Conflict: A few insights from Peru

Thoughts on conflicts around mining and decentralisation. See here for a related discussion; and here, for Javier’s paper referred in this piece

…It makes eminent sense consider ways to develop mechanisms for collective bargaining through strengthening local governments in mineral-rich parts of the country. The district-level local governments have a key role to play, bringing together multiple village and block-level local governments to develop a consensus on the terms of their collective bargaining. Another imperative strategy is to build capacity for resource management by local governments. Once revenues start flowing to local governments, how will these be managed? Currently, local governments in states such as Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh are acknowledged to be very weak and are therefore unlikely to be able to ensure efficient allocation of resources to address the development needs of their constituencies…

From our latest column on livemint


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