UID’s errors, trials and reality checks

UID has apparently refurbished its system, fixing some pretty serious-sounding technical glitches. Some of the issues that have now been fixed –

  • Tracking all the different enrollment centres/agents
  • Ensuring that the enrollment software syncs every ten days with the central repository
  • Security concerns in validating the operator
  • Consent forms for those being enrolled
  • Better validation to get accurate finger-prints
  • Better document management practics

If you ask me, the earlier system now looks pretty dodgy, with all these problems. And it took over 20 crore enrollments before they figured out these issues – some of which are pretty basic concerns.

Simple answer – technology is no magic wand – it all boils down to the implementation and of course, the human element. So we see the UID stumbling on the single criteria they were supposed to ace!

See why technophiles should not take over governance?!

H/T – M Rajshekhar


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