Coal-lateral damage

In an earlier post, I wrote

Mr. S. Jagatahrakshan, the current Minister of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has disclosed that his son and daughter own shares worth over INR 3.2 crore in Pranav Communications Pvt Ltd., a media company with interests in licences from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting! Possibly an unfair insinuation – but this minister’s assets grew by 1092% from INR 6 crore in 2009 to INR 70 crore as per the latest disclosure.

 Frequent flier Jagatharakshan is back in the news –

Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting S Jagathrakshakan, who is facing heat for alleged involvement in a company allotted a coal block, has one distinction among Union ministers. Since he took oath, the DMK leader has made 24 personal foreign trips and spent 253 days abroad — the highest among the 49 Union ministers to have made personal trips.

Is anyone surprised? Of course he had to be a jet-setter to grow by a cool 1000%.

Huge profits have been booked through the murky coal allocations. No matter whether wrong-doing is proven or intent attributed, the PMO should be ashamed of this terrible mess under its watch. 


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