Does foreign aid matter to India?

My latest livemint column is up – looking at how aid matters to India. The UK might count the savings it makes by pulling out of India, but strictly from a development outcomes perspective, some are convinced that this is the wrong decision in the short-term.

In my column, I argue that aid has a role, but its role is (quite rightly) on the decline

…the importance of foreign aid continues to diminish. Soon enough, it will not be about foreign governments and multilateral bodies giving aid to India, but about a mix of government and non-government bodies working together to share knowledge and resources; to continue work on improving systems of global governance; negotiating fiercely to further/guard each other’s global political positions; and to improve our understanding about development and help action that works

This piece was not about local NGOs and their dependence on foreign aid – that’s a topic on which I am still gathering my thoughts.  


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