India in 2013: we are shocked!

(in no particular order)

– that some/many of our politicians are misogynists

– that some/many of our cops think a woman’s clothes ‘incite’ rape
– that Honey Singh’s music has lewd lyrics
– that the government exploited a police constable’s death to justify the state’s violence
– that many of our parents want to restrict the freedom their girls enjoy so they may be safe
– that rapes and teasing in movies contribute to our attitudes towards women
– that the rapes keep going on
– that rapes in West Bengal are just conspiracies
– that Modi keeps winning
– that Rahul Gandhi (and his sidekicks) had nothing meaningful to say to the Delhi protesters
– that angry protestors are demanding public hangings for rapists
– that lathis, tear gas and water canons were used on student protestors
– that everyone has forgotten Vadra, Gadkari, Raja, Ajit Pawar and Coal-gate
– that MMS continues to be silent and then says theek hai

Take your pick; and welcome the new year – Welcome to 2013! 


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