‘Big capital’ versus ‘people’?

In my last post, I ask why the ‘private sector or people’ should exist as a legitimate dichotomy? Obviously, it isn’t. In a previous post, quotes from leading CEOs show how ‘private sector’, better understood in my argument if I call it ‘big capital’, builds up pressure on the government to bring about legislation that is in its favour.

Such lobbying is usually to give the ‘unethical’ a legal garb. Is it ethical for ‘big capital’ to demand of the government that it acquire land at below-market prices and supply to them so that they can run profitable business empires? Is it ethical for the same ‘big capital’ to also demand special SEZ rules where they do can escape from their rightful obligations towards workers? Further, you lobby to demand the lowest rates of corporate taxes possible.

It is said that the objective of ‘big capital’ is to maximise profile through legal means. It is this process of lobbying for what is borderline (and sometimes clearly) unethical to be given legal protection through legislation is what distinguishes ‘big capital’ from ‘people’. ‘Big capital’ or industrialists or shareholders who are continuously working on maximise profits and returns to shareholders, and are governed by short-term interests that do not even include the workers/employees of the same industries or citizens residing in close proximity to their facilities or even the consumer that forms the market for their products are the settings which set up this conflict. How do we start undoing these knots in society? 


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