Politics of Evidence @ IDS

IDS just concluded its ‘Politics of Evidence’ conference – thankfully having moved from the ‘big push-back’ to ‘the big push forward’.

My friend Heather has a summary here. Loving the typical IDS-speak that seems to have dominated the conference!

Waiting for an update here from Ros

Now, if only a conference such as this could be held closer to the field – where the politics of the evidence plays out…


2 Replies to “Politics of Evidence @ IDS”

  1. i actually avoided most of the heavy IDS-speak in my post, about logframes as “artefacts” and other phrases to be found in the working papers, on the big push forward site (as a preview: “The aim is to encourage development practitioners to strategize in
    expanding the politico-bureaucratic space to make room for flexible and creative support of locally generated and transformative change”). of note, duncan green tried to question a few folks about whether they actually really wanted the conference to be more of a ‘push back’ and cathatic venting session but those questions were skirted, while other questions were raised about whether those who supported a results agenda had simply internalized the results kool-aid.


  2. I could tell from the little that you did mention – empowering/extractive; street-level bureaucrat, who is actually also my hero; and a lot of Robert Chambers in general


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