Improve administrative data

In my latest livemint column, I highlight the need to focus on administrative data – its importance may be obvious, but is also one that is unfortunately one that suffers from criminal ignorance

The challenge with administrative data is not one of conceptual complexity. Sure, there are vested interests and politics at work; but first, it is about focusing on the issue and taking simple administrative steps to deal with the deficiencies in the system. There is no doubt that the returns will be substantial


One Reply to “Improve administrative data”

  1. Thanks for writing this and slaying my dream that data are still plural.

    More importantly, three points:
    1. Independent auditors may be needed
    2. This is genuinely a place where mobile phones and smart devices may help to fill a gap & where leapfrogging is possible.
    3. Rewards & incentives should be on use of admin data for planning, which would also encourage innovation in identifying what statistics are “vital” to seeing like a state.


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