All you need are good intentions?

In a Reuters interview with the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, in response to a question on how he plans to encourage business in Delhi, he says:

All that you need are good intentions. In Delhi for instance, in the last few days we have had meetings on how to simplify the trade in Delhi, on VAT in Delhi, and they are good ideas. You talk to traders, they will tell you. You talk to the people, they will tell you. The wearer knows where the shoe pinches. So you talk to the people who are facing the problem and they will tell you ‘Sir, this is the problem.’ And you apply your mind and the solutions are there, it is not rocket science. Intentions of the people who are governing the system were wrong till now. If you have honest intentions, the solutions are there

I want to feel reassured at this government’s confidence. But then, how many times have we seen good intentions fail? Especially on the evidence that this government has shown on law and order where ‘good intentions’ have translated into an indignant righteousness…

Not losing hope just yet, but we are watching…


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