Nitin Gadkari is a sanitation champion

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari should not be embarrassed. Who knew there was a *real* Swachh Bharat champion within Modi’s cabinet? What he is practicing (and alluding to, in the quote below) is the well-recommended method of separating the urine and the feces in his toilet and re-using them as manure. Sanitation experts should hail this unequivocally. It’s stupid notions of shame – exemplified by the middle-class “eww” – that prevents these conversations from taking place openly.

I never thought I will say this to Gadkari, but here goes: Thank You!

“”I have about an acre of farming land in the bungalow’s compound where there are some crops and trees,” he said. “this is free homemade manure. Right now I’m just telling you about urine and not going further than that,” he said”


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