From Golwalkar’s ‘Bunch of Thoughts’

This is an extract from Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thoughts:

An eminent American Professor once asked me the question, ‘Muslims and Christians are of this land alone. Why don’t you consider them as of your own?” To that, I put him a counter-question: “Suppose one of our countrymen goes to America, settles there and wants to become an American citizen. However, he refuses to accept your Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and others as his national heroes. Would you then call him a national of America? Tell me frankly.” He said, “No.”

Then I told him, “Why should not the same criterion be applied to our country also? How can you say that we should call such people nationals who, while living here, work against the honour and traditions of the country, and insult our national heroes and objects of national veneration?”

One of the several absurdities in this book – this one, possibly fictional. Note the smooth fallacy here that Golwalkar propagates here. Lincoln and Jefferson are not mythical characters. They lived, worked and died as humans in flesh and blood, unlike Ram and Krishna. But even that distinction is too much for the so-called guruji. Well then…


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