Judith Tendler, and learning from ‘good government’

On 24th July 2016, Judith Tendler, former Professor at the Department of Urban studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, passed away. She was 77. A Ph.D from Columbia University, Judith Tendler spent several years at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), before a long career as a Professor … Continue reading Judith Tendler, and learning from ‘good government’

Do donors need more (and better) Contract Managers to deliver results?

I frequently come across people who say that donors are under increasing pressure to spend more with fewer staff. This usually comes from friends and colleagues that work with donor agencies, or those that interact closely with them. This is supposed to be largely a consequence of pressure from domestic tax-payers, who have refused to … Continue reading Do donors need more (and better) Contract Managers to deliver results?

Living with the ‘results agenda’, redux

Craig Valters' Devex post, based on yet another newsworthy ICAI report, seems to have somewhat revived the debate over the 'results agenda. The criticism is sharper, castigating DFID for the "unintended effect of focusing attention on quantity of results over their quality" - but also one that clearly implies that the 'results agenda' is not well-understood or … Continue reading Living with the ‘results agenda’, redux

The challenge of Doing Development Differently

I attended the first Doing Development Differently (DDD) workshop organised by the BSC gang at Harvard CID and ODI; read more about the workshop here. See Day 1 summary; and Day 2 summary. Some thoughts, over time: DDD is the big picture: DDD is about the details and and the beauty of innovation and creativity on the ground. But … Continue reading The challenge of Doing Development Differently

‘Going public’ with decisionmaking

This is a joint post with Heather - 4th in our series on decisionmaking; now also on the World Bank PSD blog *** In our last post, we discussed how establishing “relevant reasons” for decision-making ex ante may enhance the legitimacy and fairness of deliberations on resource allocation. We also highlight that setting relevant decision-making … Continue reading ‘Going public’ with decisionmaking