Judith Tendler, and learning from ‘good government’

On 24th July 2016, Judith Tendler, former Professor at the Department of Urban studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, passed away. She was 77. A Ph.D from Columbia University, Judith Tendler spent several years at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), before a long career as a Professor … Continue reading Judith Tendler, and learning from ‘good government’

The man and the manifesto

Some observers are upset that the principal opposition party in India’s 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has issued its election manifesto only on the morning of the first day of polling. BJP’s spokespersons claimed that the party’s agenda has been the clearest among all political parties and has been articulated over … Continue reading The man and the manifesto

Rahul Gandhi’s “right to” approach doesn’t work

This World Bank book on MGNREGA once again exposes the limitations of the legislative route to developmentKnowledge is lower for women than for men, and higher for those who are better educated. The sharing of information between men and women within the household appears to be weak. There are also strong village effects on knowledge about the scheme. Holding constant individual … Continue reading Rahul Gandhi’s “right to” approach doesn’t work

Healthcare in Rwanda – matching demand and supply

A significant driver seems to have been universal health insurance based on principles of cost-sharing and cross-subsidies that helped generate demand for healthcare...health insurance — called Mutuelle de Santé — is nearly universal. Andrew Makaka, who manages the health financing unit at the Ministry of Health, said that only 4 percent of Rwandans are uninsured. … Continue reading Healthcare in Rwanda – matching demand and supply

Why legislation is not enough…

Lant Pritchett on the importance of implementationRights do not eliminate the need for administrative reform. Even if the government had funds for universal pensions, the mechanisms for pro-poor implementation would still be missing. Implementing a universal right requires changes in how the poor prove citizenship, access courts and apply for schemes; and in how bureaucracies … Continue reading Why legislation is not enough…

The great sanitation stink

Recently, addressing a workshop of state secretaries in-charge of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Jairam Ramesh​, the minister for rural development, termed it a shame that 58% of the world’s open defecation happens in India. Anyone who has worked on sanitation would take this figure with a pinch of salt, knowing how misleading sanitation coverage … Continue reading The great sanitation stink