Bhagwati’s ‘ab ki baar…’ politics

Unsurprisingly, Jagdish Bhagwati is a sort of academic celebrity these days. In addition to the tag of being the most famous living economist to have never won a Nobel prize, Bhagwati has earned himself the credential of being an unabashed supporter of Narendra Modi. This was established beyond doubt when in January, earlier this year, … Continue reading Bhagwati’s ‘ab ki baar…’ politics

"Lets be democratic about this one…"

Lucknow University teachers have had enough!  The Lucknow University Teachers' Association (LUTA) has decided to convene a meeting of its teaching staff to elect its five most corrupt members.Many teachers of the university have been accused of corruption in recent months. "Some indulged in dishonest practices during admission. Those in the finance department allegedly embezzled … Continue reading "Lets be democratic about this one…"

Responsible ‘giving’

Saundra, writing the blog Good Intentions are not Enough has been tireless in challenging conventional notions of charitable giving. I absolutely love the title of the blog. Also the fact that the author argues for more responsible 'giving' - at both the individual and institutional levels. The blog highlights the importance of a well-thought out … Continue reading Responsible ‘giving’