This blog focuses on politics and development – issues that are close to my heart and those I love to think, discuss and debate. Having been in this sector for a decade, there is a lot that I have learnt and a lot more that I realise, remains to be learnt.


As a development professional, I am interested in working on issues of governance and development. I have provided technical and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) support to the implementation of development projects – M&E is basically smart project management and seems to be an ideal vehicle to approach and then delve into development programmes. This has helped me think about evidence-based policy design and implementation.


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  1. Do u hv data to show that vigilantism is on the rise under Modi? If so it wld greatly help those of us concerned by the perceived increasing trend under Modi, in debating the issue with nay-sayers for whatever it is worth. Wld appreciate a brief reply by e-mail.


    1. There is this data – http://www.indiaspend.com/cover-story/86-dead-in-cow-related-violence-since-2010-are-muslim-97-attacks-after-2014-2014 But I think the political context is what really makes the last three years different from say, the 20-30 years prior to it. We have always had regressive laws that infringe on the citizen’s freedom to speech, eat, etc. Political parties have in the past, opted to not use the law, instead of repealing it (which was a mistake). But the Modi government has brought to the fore ministers who openly encourage these vigilante groups, thereby signalling to people that this kind of violence is ok. Those politicians no doubt draw their inspiration from Modi himself, who was openly communal during his years as Chief Minister of Gujarat.


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